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Gut Health Specialist


Aesthetic Medicine Practice & Integrative Wellness Center located in Franklin, TN & Murfreesboro, TN

Your gut health affects your entire body, from your immune system strength to your ability to lose weight — and everything in between. Because the leading practitioners at Aesthetic + Wellness understand that proper gut health is essential for vitality and overall wellness, they provide several solutions to help you improve your gut health. Learn more about these innovative wellness services by booking a consultation at the Franklin or Murfreesboro, Tennessee, office locations. Schedule your visit online or over the phone.

Gut Health Q & A

Why should I be concerned about gut health?

Your bowels are filled with thousands of microflora that are responsible for breaking down the foods you eat, so your body gets the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. A healthy gut leads to overall improved health, including:

  • Better weight maintenance
  • Stronger immune system
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Improved regularity
  • Vibrant skin
  • More energy

Poor gut health can leave you feeling sluggish, bloated, gassy, and run down. Before your poor gut health starts lowering your quality of life, get started on treatments to boost the microflora in your gut, so you can begin living your best (and healthiest) life.

How can I improve my gut health?

The leading health practitioners at Aesthetic + Wellness provide comprehensive gut health evaluations where they sit down and discuss all of your symptoms with you. Once they better understand your diet and issues that you’re experiencing, they design a treatment package to get your gut health back on track. You can improve your bowel health by:

  • Taking prebiotic and probiotic supplements
  • Taking clinical-grade nutritional dietary supplements
  • Learning about which foods you need to avoid (like processed carbohydrates)
  • Finding foods you like that are full of natural pre- and probiotics

No two gut health treatment plans from Aesthetic + Wellness are exactly the same. You might need additional therapies, depending on your specific gut health needs.  

How do I know that my gut health treatment is working?

All of the beneficial microflora in your gut don’t build up overnight. It takes some time to flush away bad bacteria and waste and to create good bacteria. But it’s common to start noticing improvements from gut health treatment plans from Aesthetic + Wellness within a couple of days. You can tell that your gut health therapy is working if you experience:

  • Regular bowel movements
  • Weight loss or stabilization
  • Decreased pain and inflammation
  • Improved satiety
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy

You might also find that you don’t get sick as often when your bowels are healthy, since your immune system functions more efficiently. Gut health treatment plans from Aesthetic + Wellness have so many benefits for your mind and body — the possibilities are endless.

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