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Weight Management

Many people who struggle with weight sometimes experience imbalances in hormones, adrenal function or thyroid that may contribute to their weight gain, make it more difficult to lose weight and keep it off and may experience

·    Mental fogginess

·    Fatigue

·    Irritability

·    General lack of energy and clarity

will have a hard time following any diet. Patients who have these symptoms along with sleep disturbances, cold intolerance, cyclic symptoms (PMS) are recommended to complete a full hormone testing profile before doing the diet.  Accurately knowing the imbalances that both short- and long- term stressors have caused is essential to restoring normal energy, clarity, and sleep patterns as well as ensuring long term success in weight loss.

Balancing hormones will not result in automatic weight loss without any effort. BUT, balancing hormones will break down both physical and mental barriers to fat-burning and weight loss.  Your HCG diet is much more likely to be a dramatic success if your hormones are balanced. After all, a body that is less stressed will not constantly try to hold on to fat and fluids for the pending emergency.  If, based on your history questionnaire, we feel you can benefit greatly from this testing, we will discuss it at your initial consultation visit.

We have no doubt that if you follow this diet to the letter, you will experience the best results that you have ever had from a diet, learn to control your portions and keep the weight off. We invite you to schedule your appointment today to begin your journey of getting healthy, looking great and feeling great.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The average weight loss in the first month is 12-20 pounds.  After 2 months, the average weight loss is 25-30 pounds.

How long is your program?

The program is customized but generally 2-3 months, depending on your weight loss needs.

What can I eat?

The HCG diet is a type of “Keto diet” however there are specific guidelines regarding portions as well as what you can eat and things to avoid.  At Aesthetic+Wellness, we are here for your success. We will provide you with all of the information you need at your first visit with us.

Will I be able to keep the weight off?

Because this diet truly retrains your cravings and your relationship with food, you will likely find it easy to maintain your weight loss. We will guide you through your transition off our HCG Diet in such a way that will ensure your sustained success.

Will I be hungry?

A very unique aspect of the HCG diet is that it is designed to keep you satiated and to decrease cravings.  You will find that you are NOT hungry all of the time. Not only that, this diet helps you

  • Relearn your bodies language so you can naturally crave nourishing foods
  • Retrain your eating patterns so that you may have control over your portions and food choices

What can I expect at my visit?

During your initial visit, we will discuss your goals as well as discuss our program in detail. You will also be able to get your first month of HCG at that time if desired.

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