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What is Kybella?

A few weeks ago, multiple clients all asked if I had lost weight. I hadn’t, and at first I couldn’t figure it out. Then, a lightbulb went off: Kybella!

Six weeks prior, I had taken the leap and given myself a Kybella treatment. Kybella can take several weeks to produce results, so I had forgotten about my treatment until people I don’t see everyday commented on the change.

Though I didn’t have a big issue with a double chin or jowls, I could see gravity’s effects: a little fullness under my chin and the beginnings of jowls.

At 39 I wasn’t okay with that!

So what is Kybella?

For those of you new to Kybella, it is an FDA-approved cosmetic injectable for the permanent destruction of “submental fat” (the fat cells under your chin), as well as permanent reduction of bra fat in the front and back.

I’ve been using Botox and dermal fillers, including Juvederm and Voluma, for years to maintain the feminine curvature of my face and battle some fine lines and wrinkles. Voluma has done a good job of fighting gravity in my cheeks and in my jaw area. With Juvederm I have also seen a lifting effect and fill in my “nasolabial folds” (smile lines).

My weight has bounced around a little over the years, but whether I was 10 pounds up or 10 pounds down, my face is always round.

In aesthetics higher cheekbones with a subtle contour and triangulation at the jaw and chin are more attractive to the eye. Fillers alone couldn’t get me to triangular — that is, until Kybella changed everything!

Even though I’d been using Kybella with great success with clients, I had no idea that it would make such a huge difference for me.

Kybella not only minimized my small but present double chin, but it also contoured and sharpened my jawline. It defied gravity and lifted the jowling that I was beginning to see.

All of this may seem like a small thing, but it has made me feel amazing.

That is what it’s all about, right?!?

After just one treatment, I was amazed by the results. Most people need two to three Kybella treatments, and I plan to do my second in the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella has an active ingredient which is a synthetic copy of a molecule in your body. That molecule occurs naturally, and it breaks down fat.

By mimicking this molecule, Kybella destroys the cells in fat deposits so that they cannot store fat in that particular area.

How do you know if Kybella is right for you?

To be a candidate for Kybella, you have to be at least eighteen.

Some patients do see sagging skin after Kybella reduces the fat cells, so you should speak with a licensed expert about your skin and specific situation.

Does fullness under chin bother you? Do you have jowls or a double chin?

Then, Kybella is probably a good option for you.

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) conducted a survey, and 67% of the people who responded said that they were bothered by a double chin.

What can you expect during treatment?

During your treatment, we will make multiple small injections of Kybella in the treatment area — for example, beneath your chin.

You can expect to feel some needle pricks and discomfort from these injections, but we will apply cooling to the area to minimize any pain you feel.

Is Kybella safe?

Kybella is minimally invasive. You get a more youthful look without surgery, general anesthesia, or “downtime.” You may have some bruising, pain, and redness, but otherwise, you won’t experience any side effects.

Kybella imitates a molecule made in your live and thus already present in your body. And because the injections happen in subcutaneous tissue, not veins or arteries, Kybella doesn’t not migrate to your brain.

Both Kybella and the dissolved fat disappear via your lymphatic system — aka, your body’s plumbing.

Also worth noting is that Allergan, the pharmaceuticals company that makes Kybella, has shared no evidence with physicians that the treatments affects your heart or other organs.

Approximately how much is Kybella?

How much you pay for Kybella treatments depends on two factors: 1) what you need, and 2) who administers the treatment.

The actual area being treated — for example, a man with a large neck versus a woman with a small neck — determines the amount of fat cells. Two people might be the same size, but one has a bigger double chin.

We come in all shapes and sizes!

The number of vials needed for an effective treatment varies with each person. You can bet we don’t take a “let’s see what might work” approach. We want definitive results!

The cost of a Kybella vial changes, but it averages out to around $500 per vial, with each vial containing 2cc. The average patient will need 3-4 vials per treatment and will require 2–3 treatments.

It probably goes without saying, but Kybella is a very expensive product for medical professionals to purchase. That keeps the costs high.

Chances are you will pay more in Manhattan or Los Angeles than in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The cost of full treatment ends up being around $3600-$4200 for a woman and $4000-$5000 for a man.

That, of course, is a ballpark estimate. As with all aesthetic treatments, if you for fewer vials and sessions to save money, you will probably see less-than-satisfactory results! The goal should always be definitive results, not saving 10–15% on the total cost.

Parting Thoughts

Is Kybella right for you? Maybe.

Kybella is surgery in a syringe! You get amazing, definitive results that previously could only be achieved with surgery.

It is totally worth the cost and week of swelling because it’s permanent… forever. We are able to permanently remove the fat under the chin and redefine the jawline. That is incredible!

If your eye catches your chin, jawline, or armpits and you see fullness or fat you don’t like, then let’s have a conversation about it.

The worst that can happen is I say, “Honey, you are stunning. Get out of my office, and don’t change a thing!”

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