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Meet Aesthetic+Wellness—Who We Are and How We Can Help You

Meet the team

Hello there!

Many of you know me already as the director of the Aesthetic Center of Murfreesboro (ACoM). Ten years ago, I started my practice, and it’s given me a more fun and rewarding career than I ever could have asked for.

At ACoM, I’ve been blessed to work with a truly amazing list of clients, and my staff and I have grown together into a group of real friends.

But over the past few years, I’ve had a new vision for this practice. A vision of greater service, addressing more than the wrinkles on the surface. I’ve wanted to delve into the integrity of the skin itself—the smoothness, the contours, the tightness, and all the other factors that make the real difference between having good skin and having great skin.

Providing only Botox and dermal fillers was leaving a major gap in my professional services. That’s why I started building our team around a more comprehensive aesthetic offering. With time, the vision grew and became clearer. It simplified into a single goal:

Let’s help people feel as great as they look.

Meet Aesthetic+Wellness. Of course, I handle the aesthetic side of things, helping you look your best and giving you the confidence boost you need.

But we’ve also added Cary Hatcher, APRN (who’s also my husband) to our team as Wellness Director. As his title might suggest, he handles the wellness services, making sure that you feel your best, whether you’re in your twenties or sixties.

Aesthetic+Wellness is the culmination of a 20-year marriage, a combined 32 years in the medical field, 12 years of aesthetic medicine, and a personal journey toward greater health, wellness, and vitality.

Have more questions? Just keep reading…

1. Who are we?

My fellow co-founder of Aesthetic+Wellness is a pretty great guy by the name of Cary. He and I are united by more than just a business partnership—we were married in 1999 after dating as high school sweethearts. Then, we went to graduate school at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and began our professional careers in 2002.

Plenty of healthcare professionals start their careers with a vision for helping people, a plan to make a difference. Too often, however, those lofty dreams fade fast. The current culture of traditional medicine leaves a lot to be desired for both patients and professionals. Cary and I both have experienced that in our careers. We’re sure you’ve experienced it as a patient.

We knew there had to be a better way, and we knew you deserved better, someone to really listen and dig deep and help you feel and look excellent.

Here’s what my journey has looked like so far:

But my journey is only half the picture.

My wonderful husband, Cary, has spent 16 years in the medical field. His passion has always been to help clients achieve wellness through diet and lifestyle. He believes that through lifestyle, diet and hormone balance, anyone can feel amazing and enjoy optimal health at any age. He is certified in diet, weight management, and hormone replacement—including helping with female hormones, testosterone, and adrenal fatigue.

Which brings us to our most recent development.

In 2017, Cary and I started building our mutual dream together. That dream was to expand my aesthetic practice by bringing Cary’s passion for health and wellness on board.

And that’s how Aesthetic+Wellness was born.

2. Why did we add a “Wellness” component to an aesthetic practice?

For years, the Aesthetic Center of Murfreesboro has been helping clients look and feel their best. All the while, my husband and I have been walking our own journey into wellness.

It’s a subject that hits close to home for me. I have a family history of cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease. I also have a personal history of high cholesterol and PCOS, diagnosed in my mid-20s.

As nurse practitioners, Cary and I started studying diet as it applied to health. Our interest in wellness only grew and evolved as we launched our respective careers in aesthetics and general medicine.

As we approached 40, health and wellness became more important than ever. So together, we made a decision to dive in—professionally.

Cary pursued his Board Certification and Fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Then, after spending the past year getting his hormone and weight management certifications, Cary was ready to take a leap of faith with me. As a family, we set out to apply some personal wellness and balance in our lives and to take another step in helping others.

It’s our truth, it’s what we want to teach our children, and after years of aesthetic and medical experience, it’s what we want to share with our clients.

3. Why did we open a second location?

Throughout my years at the Aesthetic Center of Murfreesboro, I attracted a number of clients from Franklin and Williamson County. They regularly drove an hour to reach my office in Murfreesboro. So when the opportunity to establish a branch in Franklin arose about a year ago, I saw the value it could offer.

On top of that, I come from Williamson County originally and live in the Leiper’s Fork area now. All of that made opening a second location in Williamson County the natural step.

I set up part-time services in Franklin to convenience my clients who had previously had to travel quite a distance. It also meant I could stay a little closer to home while helping my growing client-base in Franklin.  

After being in Franklin in a very part time capacity over this past year, we have grown  and decided we were ready to take a leap of faith when a space came available back in August.

4. What is our vision for Aesthetic+Wellness?

The vision for our practice and the vision for our family are intrinsically linked: to grow closer together, to stand side by side, and to make the world a better place for everyone.

My husband and I have followed those goals for years already, but now we’re ready to combine our strengths and reach for greater heights. With Aesthetic+Wellness, our mission is to help people look better, feel better, and be better. From the image they present to the world to their own core health, we’re ready to make them shine.

All of the growing pains, all of the work we’ve put in, all the years of experience in aesthetic and health services over the past 15+ years—all of it has brought us here. Time will tell which directions our practice will ultimately grow, but right now, my husband and I are confident that we’re exactly where we’re meant to be.

Right here, helping you take care of your body and dazzle the world.

Welcome to Aesthetic+Wellness.

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