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Is your neck aging you?

Are you tired of hiding your neck?  Have you started seeing wrinkling skin, sagging skin, double chin, or neck lines?  Do you have those vertical bands that are aging your neck? 

If you’re 40 or older you are probably starting to notice changes in your neck.  Maybe changes that you would rather not see!  The bad news is, it happens.  If you haven’t started seeing it yet, just wait.  You’re time is coming.  The good news is that you not alone.  All of us begin seeing these changes.  For me, it seemed like I got neck bands and laxity for my 40th birthday gift.  Like within a couple of months of my birthday, I started seeing the changes. 



Here’s the breakdown of therapies to fight the signs of aging in the neck…


#1 Nectifirm is the #1 neck firming cream on the market.  Get it.  Really.  Everyone should have this in their arsenal.  Whether you are preventing or treating the creapiness that is already there, this will help firm up some laxity in your neck.

With that being said, there is not a lotion or potion out there that can solve all of the issues of aging.  This goes for your face as well.  Lucky for you, we have more!


#2 Microneedling with plasma is a great options of remodeling and tightening the skin of the neck.  If you are seeing looseness in the skin or necklace lines, a series of 3-4 is best.  We use a special microneedling device to stimulate new skin cell growth and repair damage.  Plasma is like a booster for this treatment and helps with your down time too.  Together these offer a great option for skin laxity in the neck. 


#3 Want to really go for it?  Consider Secret RF for the trifecta of microneedling PLUS plasma PLUS radiofrequency.  Radiofrequency laser energy is the most widely accepted and proven modality for tightening loose skin by building collagen and elastin.  Collagen and elastin help the skin to function more youthful, to have more elasticity.  We use is all of the body including face, arms, abdomen and more, but the neck is a great great place to tighten up with Secret RF.


#4. If sagging isn’t the problem but you’ve noticed the vertical bands in your neck, Botox offers a GREAT treatment option.  These bands are caused from laxity in the platysmal muscle of the neck.  The muscle becomes stretched and droops with age.  When the muscle contracts when you grimace or make certain facial expressions, it causes these vertical bands to form.  For me, this is my biggest neck issue and with a little Botox, my neck looks SO much better. 


#5. Do you have a double chin or fullness?  This is where is gets interesting.  Some clients actually have too much fullness while others simply have a weak chin and jawline.  We can use Kybella to sculpt the fullness away along with dermal filler to extend the chin a bit and redefine the jawline.  The results can be absolutely transformative.


Not sure what is right for you?  If you're beginning to see the signs of aging in your neck but you can't quite put your finger on it, come see us for a customized consultation.  With a combination of great products and the right modality, you don’t have to keep hiding! 

Amy Hatcher, APRN Owner and Director of Aesthetics at Aesthetic+Wellness 14 year of aesthetic experience National ACE trainer for Allergan Medical Institute Allergan Advisory Board Member

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