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How Kybella Can Banish a Double Chin and Sagging Cheeks Forever

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The other day, we had a visit from a friend of ours, Gina. She was dropping in for a routine dermal filler touch-up. While we were chatting, Gina mentioned her concern at seeing more jowling, sagging, and fullness under her chin. She was worried her facial skin was “sliding down.”

That’s a concern we hear a lot. Here’s why: people start experiencing real volume loss in the face in their thirties. The volume that remains succumbs to gravity, and voila! — the cheeks look flat and the jowls get heavier.

In the world of aesthetics, we talk a lot about the “triangle of youth.” That’s when you have nice high cheekbones with a defined jawline and chin forming an inverted triangle. As you age, that triangle flips as you start seeing more and more fullness in the jowls.

The first line of defense is usually lifting the cheek with a filler like Juvederm Voluma. It’s the best way to try to correct the underlying problem of volume loss. However, it’s not always enough; gravity has taken its toll, and we see the fullness and sagging in the jowls.

90% of my clients over the age of 45 are starting to really struggle with that particular problem.

Fortunately, there’s a great solution.

In swoops Kybella to save the day!

Kybella is an FDA-approved cosmetic injectable for the permanent destruction of submental fat (the fat cells under your chin). It also permanently reduces bra fat in the front and back.

I’m not being melodramatic when I say Kybella has changed my practice forever. Every time I see the beaming pride of another client admiring their fresh youth in the mirror after trying Kybella, I’m thankful it entered my world. It isn’t just for certain people, either; my experience is that it helps 100% of my clients — men and women — look younger, thinner, and better.

It’s always a pleasure to help women reclaim some of their youth and to help men hold their heads higher with a sharper, stronger, chiseled jawline.

So when Gina said she wanted that jowling gone, I reached for the Kybella right away. I was positively giddy at having the opportunity to change her life forever.

She was as happy as I was to give it a go. The results aren’t immediate, so we’ll have to wait to see her outcome, but I already know from experience what a thrill she has to look forward to.

And as if to cement that fact, on the same day, two other clients were following up on their previous Kybella treatments.

One is 31 years old. She’s always been bothered by the roundness and fullness of her face. So we used Kybella to give her that triangle — those defined cheeks and sharpened jawline — and she could have jumped to the moon for joy. Everyone agreed she looked like she’d lost 15 pounds.

And the best part for her, for us, and for you? It’s permanent! She will always have a more triangular face. Forever.

That kind of improvement doesn’t just happen every day.

The other client following up on her Kybella treatment was a 46-year-old. She had been worried about the sagging in her cheeks and chin.

Once she’d had the Kybella treatment, she didn’t just seem to have lost pounds — anyone would have sworn she’d taken five years off! When she came for her follow-up appointment, she was practically dancing when she told us how often her husband had complimented her on her new, attractive jawline after her treatment.

So here’s the lowdown:

If you’re having any concerns about your facial skin sagging or getting loose, Kybella is the perfect solution. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Plenty of people deal with having fullness under the chin, a double chin, sagging in the jowls, an overly rounded face, or all of the above. With Kybella, we can customize the procedure to anyone’s exact situation and preferences.

After the recommended 2–3 treatments, the results are entirely permanent. It destroys fat cells and gives you the kind of change you might have thought was only possible with expensive surgery.

What all does it take?

Not much! It’s almost a walk in the park.

During the treatment, we use lidocaine to numb the area, apply markings to define our treatment area, and then inject the product.

Now, there is some swelling experienced with a Kybella treatment, along with tenderness. These effects can be considerable for the first 2–3 days. But any discomfort fades quickly, and the few days of inconvenience will be more than worth it once you see a younger, sexier you looking back from your mirror every day.

You can think of Kybella as surgery in a syringe. With just a quick treatment in our office, you can experience life-changing results and look your best — permanently.

Ready to send double chins and sagging skin packing?

Let’s talk.

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