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Let’s talk about BOTOX!


While Botox has been around for years…since 1989 to be exact, it has become increasingly more popular. It’s often the topic of conversation everywhere from the soccer field sidelines to social outings with the girls and more.  Everyone wants to know.  Would you? Have you?  Has she?  Who do you go to?  It’s really commonplace anymore, which I love! 


If you’ve been doing Botox for years, OR if you are just considering your first treatment, here are a few things you should know..


  1. The dosage varies from person to person. While there are averages, every person’s treatment really should be customized to their specific need.  We see young clients with a lot of forehead wrinkles and older clients with very few.  Some people are really worried about their crow’s feet while other’s don’t seem to mind. Some clients want to be frozen, while many want a very natural look.  Age isn’t neccesarily the determining factor.  The beauty of Botox is that it can be customized.  Factors that affecgt the amount are age, desired effect, amount of wrinkles, and size of the forehead. We love that and you should too.  The average amount of Botox used is 16-24 units in the frown area or glabella, 16-24 units in the crows feet and 10-20 units in the forehead.


  1. There are lots of different things that we can do with Botox!  Everyone knows about forehead wrinkles and frown lines but there's so much more.  We offer advanced botox techniques including the following:

Lip Flip- when your ready for a little lip but maybe aren't all in on fillers yet.  This can be a great option for those considering fillers or maybe those that budgets aren't quite ready for fillers. 

Brow Lift-This procedure lifts the tail of the brow for a more feminine, refreshed appearance

Masseters-This treatment is for clients experiencing TMJ symptoms or those who simply want to narrow the       lower face. 

Chin-Does your chin pucker or move when you are in conversation?  Botox can help relax the fibers of the muscle in the chin to give an elongation and smooth appearance to the chin. 

Marionette Lines-If you are starting to notice that your lips turn down, or that you have a permanent frown, this is the treatment for you!  A little botox can relieve the downward tug at the corners of the mouth and erase that frown. 

Gummie Smile-If you show too much gum when you smile or have an uneven smile, Botox can help!

NECK!!!!!!-Do you know that the vertical bands in your neck can be treated with Botox for a more smooth and youthful appearing neck?!?  This is one of our favorite add ons for a HUGE impact


  1. Be patient! It takes a few days to see the effects of Botox.  We have so many clients that come in immediately before a big event and the truth is, they would have been better to come a few days prior.  Most clients will begin seeing their results at 3-5 days and it keeps getting better and better through day 14. 


  1. The injector matters….. A LOT! There is absolutely an artistry to what we do and experience matters!  A great Botox treatment should make the most of your brow shape and even give you a little lift.  A practice that is busy will be using fresh Botox because they are seeing more clients and using product more quickly.  With an experienced injector, your treatment should be more comfortable, have a lower risk of bruising,  achieve a better result, and an experienced injector is able to give you the full benefits that Botox has to offer with advanced techiniques 


  1. With that being said….a little bruise is common. Immediately after your treatment, a small amount of redness and blotchiness is expected.  That quickly fades, but you may be left with tiny pinprick marks or even some small bruising from the treatment.  I would say bruising happens as much as 10% of the time, even under experienced hands. 


  1. Do it for YOU, not for anyone else! Especially if you request a very natural treatment, it’s possible that others may not notice, but YOU will, we promise.  Botox is amazing and effective and it boost confidence (which is my favorite thing about it).  You mom will probably notice, your girlfriends….probably, but husbands and boyfriends and notorious for being oblivious. 


  1. Botox has lasting power. The average treatment lasts between 3-4 months. 


  1. It hurts a bit, but only for a second. There is no lasting pain after your Botox treatment and the average treatment is really less than 10-15 minutes.  Most of our clients would agree, it’s worth it!


  1. Botox costs can vary. Some practices charge by the area while others charge by the unit.  The average pricing in our area seems to be $10-14 per unit.  Remember, this may be a situation where you get what you pay for.  If you are going to a practice that is below or on the low side of that average, you may be getting an inexperienced injector.  Do your research.  It’s your face for goodness sakes. 


  1. It’s AMAZING!  Botox is one of the most studied drug and has a lower risk of serious side effects that most drugs on the market. It does what it meant to do (decrease muscle movement and wrinkles) and it does it well.  I previously worked with a physician that told all of his clients that the biggest risk with Botox is that you would want to keep coming back for more.  It’s true. Most clients love the smoothing, the glow, the improved wrinkles and the fresh look they achieve after their Botox treatment.


Are you ready for your Botox treatment yet?  We offer free consultations if you’d like to learn more about what YOUR Botox treatment would look like.  Give us a call 615-970-0287.




Amy Hatcher, APRN Owner and Director of Aesthetics at Aesthetic+Wellness 14 year of aesthetic experience National ACE trainer for Allergan Medical Institute Allergan Advisory Board Member

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